Cats can hang with the dogs and they have the leashes to prove it


My sister said she was embarrassed for me upon learning that I take my cats outdoors on leashes. People walk dogs on leashes all the time, so what’s the difference? It seems that people are still very polarized by the whole “cats vs. dogs” thing. Let me just end that debate right now. Cats are better.

Shall I list the reasons why felines are superior? They don’t bark, for one. Cats also rarely beg, they are typically too proud to beg. But maybe the biggest pro in the cat column is that they always go to the bathroom in the same spot and it’s a relatively easy clean up. No surprise poo in your kitchen. No surprise pee stains on your new rug. No drool, slobber or anything like that. Cats are classy, pure and simple.

Obviously I’m not trying to put dogs down, they are incredible animals. But I am here to report as living proof that cats can also be man’s best friends. Time has proven this over and over again. Ernest Hemingway had unreasonable amounts of cats. So did Einstein. There are cats in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Just look at the Great Sphinx.

Although I don’t worship cats (I strongly adore them), they do think they are royalty. So how can one deprive royalty of their freedom? Hence the cat leashes.

My wife and I did not know what we were in for. It turns out one of our cats actually prefers to stay inside, where she knows it to be safe. While our other black cat, my fur-son Marcellus Wallace, has grown so fond of our outdoor excursions, he now begs at the door to go out … much like a dog.

I guess my point here is don’t judge a book by its cover. Sure, cats can destroy things with their claws, they can wail in the night; they can climb and knock over valuables. But the love cats bring to a household is undeniable; their purity unmatchable.

So, the next time you want to adopt a pet, just remember: would you rather be hissed at or deal with barking and surprise poops? Cats will snuggle you, they will comfort you if you’re upset and they will sleep with you to keep you (and themselves) warm. They have undeniable personalities, so go rescue a cat.

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Adam Fitzgerald is a writer and musician. He lives with his wife and two cats in Edinburgh, Scotland. Adam has worked as a teacher, copywriter, editor and journalist. He is a cofounder and primary songwriter in the Detroit indie rock band Shady Groves and likes to share his passions of art, education and cats with the world through his writing.


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