Gifts Galore: From treats to toys, holiday gift ideas for your pet


Why would you give a gift to your
 pet? “Why not?” says Dawn
 DeJohn, store manager at 
Doogie’s Supercenter in Davison, “they’re part of the family too!”

Pet Toys: benefits
 & ideas
In fact, there are many beneficial reasons to give your furry friend a present this season. In addition to the fun feeling of anticipation (I wonder if Fluffy will like her new toy?!), keeping your pet entertained with a durable toy will satisfy it for longer periods of time. In turn, an amused, happy pet offers his or her owners and companions more freedom to get things done, like wrapping gifts for other members of the family.

For long-lasting playtime, DeJohn suggests trying Kong brand toys or Spot’s Playstrong line, since both have a huge number of toys for both cats and dogs in a range of prices. Cats might like colorful Whimzies brand toys. These less bulky items also work well for small dogs and other mischievous pets such as ferrets. “Playing with your pet at home, in the backyard or in a dog park, brings joy to both owner and animal,” she says. DeJohn speaks from 16 years of Doogie’s store experience as well as her personal hobby farm expertise, “toys help you bond with your pet!”
 Available at 
Doogie’s in 

Wooden cat trees
A Michigan-made wooden cat tree is a new twist on a tried and true toy. Designed by Mark and Suzie Powell of Ausable River Furniture, these hand-crafted cat trees are made from solid Oscoda County wood with removable, cleanable, replaceable carpet. Starting at $79, depending on the size you want, this is an attractive, durable and practical gift sure to provide hours of delight for your feline friends.
Available at Collette’s Vintage & Antique Mall in Burton, Thrifty Treasures in
Davison and Gotta Have it! Consignments in Clio.

Pet treats & chews
We all like treats around the holidays and our pets are no exception. Dawn DeJohn at Doogie’s has noticed a buying trend when it comes to this gift idea. “Many customers are looking for treats and chews with healthier ingredients, organic and even human food-grade products.” Increasingly popular are treats made without grains such as Greenies brand new grain-free dog treats.

Dental chew treats serve double duty as both tasty morsels and teeth cleaning tools for dogs and cats. If your dog likes to chew, consider Michigan-based Fido brand’s Doozie Bone or Super Breath in numerous flavors, or Whimzees natural dog treats. Merrick’s new Fresh Kisses contains coconut and botanical oils. Made with all-natural ingredients, these dental treats aim to clean teeth and freshen your pet’s breath with the bonus that coconut oil could improve the skin and coat of your dog.
Available at Doogie’s in Davison.

Other gift ideas
As winter looms, consider outfitting your pet with a sweater or coat this season. If outdoor adventures are less likely, and snoozing is more your pet’s pastime, consider a cozy bed. Multitask with grooming tools such as a brush, comb or nail clippers. Not only will you be spending quality time with your pet – a gift in itself – brushing cats and dogs prevents their fur from matting and reduces household hair. If you start a brushing routine when they are young, pets grow to love this one-on-one time with their owners and will even ask for it. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good back massage? Speaking of which, if yours is a pet with everything, and you’re still looking for a gift idea, perhaps a day at the spa would be a welcome present. There are plenty of grooming
 salons in 
Lapeer and


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